Pilates: workout and benefits

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Pilates is a training method that aims to strengthen the body, to shape it, to correct posture and improve the fluidity and precision of movement.


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In a short time this discipline has attracted many stars, becoming very popular all over the world. In fact nowadays millions of people practice it regularly to stay in good shape.

It strengthens the body without excessively increase muscle mass, develops flexibility and coordination of movement, improve or correct your posture with a work focused on both abdominal and back areas.

The goals are reached through slow movements and maintaining a large concentration and attention to the breathing; that gives you a greater awareness of your body and movements.

Pilates is made from a wide range of free body exercises and some specific tools (sports equipments). Each exercise is repeated few times compared to other types of training, but it must be performed slowly and with great precision.

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Joseph Pilates, the inventor of this discipline, argued that little movements well planned and executed with precision, in a balanced sequence, had the same value as hours of forced contortions with bad execution.

Movements are designed to enhance or stimulate specific parts of the body. They may include the use of tools such as bars, handles, elastic,etc., to increase the resistance or to guide the execution. It is considered a very good gymnastic to improve diseases such as osteoarthritis, cervical arthritis, sciatica, back pain, etc.

The specific work that takes place in the central part of the body, i.e. on the abdominal, dorsal and lumbar regions, makes this method particularly suitable for those who need to correct the posture and balance the load on the spine. It improves posture and eliminates stiffness, tension and back pain.

Here you are the key features to keep in mind:


By focusing on the movements, the mind is completely detached from both concerns and anxieties and reach deep relaxation.


Through concentration you should get to have the total control of every gesture, thus activating a proper awareness that prevents injuries.

Smooth motion

Every movement has to be performed with harmony, grace and fluidity in total control of the body.


The increased strength and balance improves the general muscle tone which results, in the every day life, in a greater harmony and coordination of movements.


Every exercise is executed with smooth and complete inhalations and exhalations. The breath should be coordinated with the movements to proper train the diaphragm.





We selected for you some useful tools to help you with Pilates. In fact it could be your ideal way to get back in shape and keep Health and Wellness.


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Enjoy and…stay Fit!


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