¿Cuál es tu secreto para abdominales marcados?

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A veces, lo más importante es persuadir a sí mismo a hacer ejercicio regularmente. ¿Qué trucos tendrias que utilizar para estar en forma y ser feliz?


What’s Your Secret Route to a Six-Pack?

Sometimes the most important thing about exercise is persuading yourself to do it on a regular basis. What tricks should you use to achieve a fitter, happier you?

Goal smashing

In life you tend to like to know where you stand and what you need to do to get where you want to be. You don’t need a bunch of people around you to put the extra effort in, you’d just like to know exactly what you should be doing to get the maximum reward for your efforts.
A completer-finisher, you have no problem putting your all into something and would rather do something well than half-heartedly. You’re best suited to working on a programme that’s tailor-made for you with clear goals that you can tick off one-by-one.


There are some people who can sleep-walk through life in a well-oiled sequence of regular routines. And then there’s you! An enquiring mind like yours needs regular, fresh stimulation and your muscles aren’t far behind. What’s the point in perfecting one exercise routine when you can test yourself in lots of different ways and end up much fitter?
Your motivation is driven by new challenges that regularly put you out of your comfort zone, the question is, how many different ways can you find to get fit?

Group bonding

You’re a gregarious soul and get energy from interacting with the people around you. While some may hate the thought of other people seeing them sweating and generally looking less than gorgeous, your feet are grounded in reality. You know that very few people look hot when working out and that the collective power of a group of people stretching their fitness abilities together can be more powerful than ticking off individual fitness goals.
Besides, it’s much more fun and you have someone to bitch to when you’re feeling sore and stiff the next day, not to mention while confirming plans to do the same thing next week!

Routine driven

You’re the sort of person who probably gets more done if it’s planned ahead. You may also find that you tend to do more things that take extra effort – like exercise – if they are an accepted part of the week. There’s much less chance of you finding other less healthy things to do if something is written in your diary!
It doesn’t mean that you can’t be spontaneous sometimes – more that you’ll choose something really exciting to skip the routine for. While you thrive with planning you’re also open to new experiences, after all, you need new things to fill up that mental diary!

Your biggest motivation to get fit is to:

Look great

Feel great

Achieve great things

You’re most scared of:


Having no free time

When we say zumba, you think:


Burning fat

No way!

Being the only one getting all the moves wrong

Have you ever done a crazy charity fitness event?

Yes and loved it

Yes and I didn’t train enough for it!

No, but I’d like to

No. Way. Ever.

Other than exercise, the gym is good for:

Making a fool of myself

Making friends

Making me feel sore tomorrow

Making me get out of the house

You’re more of a:

Team player

Lone wolf

You’re most likely to be remembered for your:





Your perfect workout clothes are:

Skin tight



On a dance floor you:

Throw all the best moves

Close my eyes and hope no-one’s watching

Have perfected step-toe, step-toe

Dazzle with my routines

How do you want to feel after a work out?


Exhausted but proud

Clear headed

Like I belong

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